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Jorge Ulsen Content Creator

Jorge Ulsen Content Creator

Jorge Ulsen Agle World Co HostJorge Ulsen is a content creator for Agile World Resources and volunteer at the Agile World nonprofit organisation. He is CEO of the consulting firm DeciDes-Decision de Desarrollo; President of People Players-International People Management Association; Founder of the first Agile and Organizational Transformation Community oriented to the Hispanic world; and Creator of the Latin American group on Agile People’s Meetup. In addition, he was Ambassador for South America of the world festival The Agile20 Reflect.

Executive with more than 24 years of professional career in Chile and other Latin American countries . Extensive experience in Human Capital, Communications, Agility and Development and Transformation of People and Organizations. He is Speaker, Coach, Writer and Executive Advisor.

Regarding his studies, he has postgraduate degrees in: People Management; Program in Business Skills and Strategic Thinking; Strategy and Quality Management; Corporate communication; and different international certifications in Agile, Change Management, Leadership, Scrum and Lean.

He is a lover of good coffee, nature, constantly meeting and learning from different realities and people, and enjoys helping to build more transparent, agile, sustainable and happy organizations.