March 24, 2023


Agile World Nonprofit Volunteers

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All volunteers do so through Agile World Incorporated, C4780724 a nonprofit organisation set up to create and distribute free Agile media, entertainment and educational materials. Agile World and all its initiatives are regulated under The State of California and all volunteers sign a contract with Agile World Incorporated as part of their involvement.

Everyone involved freely gives up their time as part of this community project to serve all of humanity in every location with knowledge about Agile, with humor and insights based upon a practical personal usage of Agile. You don’t need to know about Agile to volunteer (however all show hosts know a lot) as part of being in the team we will happily share what we know.

Agile World Volunteer Global Map

We are excited by the diversity of people who have volunteered to be involved and so celebrate them by posting their profiles online and including them in this map by agreement with them.

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No personal data is stored on this website, volunteer requests are responded to by our founders (it really is a small team at the moment) if at any time you don’t want to continue the process, please say and we will delete your contact details. Volunteer contact details will not be added to mailing lists or passed to third parties and are held only to support the application process.